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The expansion of solar energy is an essential prerequisite for meeting the ambitious climate protection targets that have been formulated for the coming years. In the coalition agreement, the German government has stipulated that solar energy is to be made mandatory for new commercial buildings. The use of solar energy is to become “the rule” for new private buildings. Both are to be implemented this year. While the federal government is still working on the solar obligation, many federal states are already much further along. They have already stipulated the obligation to install PV systems on new non-residential buildings in their respective state building regulations.

Whether for direct roof installation or for retrofitting on a sandwich roof, we have a cost-effective solution for your solar project.

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Fastening PV systems to Ondatherm® roof panels

Fastening PV systems to Ondatherm® roof panels

On pitched roofs in lightweight steel construction, suitable mounting systems are used to secure the PV modules. Until now, we have only offered the Ondafix rail manufactured by us as a mounting system. The Ondafix® rail is made of 1.5 mm thick sheet steel and is inserted into the longitudinal joint of the Ondatherm® panels during installation and screwed together with the panels. We have a European patent for this assembly system and a structural certificate to prove its load-bearing capacity. In order to offer our customers and building owners greater flexibility in the choice of PV system and mounting system, we have included two proven mounting systems from the manufacturer Schletter in the building authority approval of our Ondatherm® panels. These mounting systems are based on a clamping system made of aluminum profiles, which are screwed laterally to the inclined bars of the high bead of the Ondatherm® panel. Depending on the type of solar installation, the PV modules are attached to module supports connected to the clamping system.

Safety for your solar roof

The presentation of the DIBT approval offers the installer the security of installing a certified system. These systems can also be used flexibly when retrofitting a PV system. Dimensioning the mounting systems to absorb and transfer snow and wind loads is no problem and can be verified by a structural analysis. We are already working on expanding our range to include other mounting systems in order to meet the increasing demand and exploit additional marketing opportunities for Ondatherm® panels.

Safety for your solar roof
Durable corrosion protection

Durable corrosion protection

The selection of a suitable corrosion protection system for the lightweight steel roof is an important point to consider when installing PV systems on pitched roofs. If the roof surfaces are regularly cleaned of dirt and deposits by precipitation during normal use, this is no longer the case without restriction below the solar system. Dirt can remain underneath the PV system for a longer period of time and a growth of lichen and moss can form. This accelerates corrosive processes and can shorten the service life of the roof cladding. To counteract this, we recommend that our customers choose the robust HAIREXCEL coating for the Ondatherm panels located underneath the PV system. This polyurethane-based corrosion protection system multiplies the service life of the roof and prevents corrosion damage. Regular maintenance of the PV system and the roof is strongly recommended in any case in order to maintain the integrity of the roof and the functionality of the PV system.


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